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How Does a Quantity Surveyor Differ from a Building Surveyor?

Some people who are undertaking a building project for the first time may not know whether or not they need a quantity surveyor and a building surveyor on their project team. This uncertainty may be the result of a limited understanding of how those two professionals differ. This article discusses how a quantity surveyor differs from a building surveyor. Use this information to decide when you need the services of each of these professionals during the construction project.

A Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors are primarily concerned with project costs. The quantity surveyor is usually involved from the very beginning of a project's conception, such as during the process of designing tender documents upon which a builder will be selected. The quantity surveyor can also be involved during the design stage of the building to ensure that you get value for the money that you would like to invest in the project. The quantity surveyor may also prepare project records for taxation purposes.

When construction commences, the quantity surveyor can also be handy in advising you about what changes you should make in order to respond to cost changes that are threatening to overshoot the budget of the project. For instance, a natural disaster in another part of the country may have caused the price of building materials to go up due to the increased demand created by the disaster recovery reconstruction. The quantity surveyor may suggest that you team up with other project owners so that you buy materials from the manufacturer in bulk. That collective purchasing may reduce the cost of the needed materials so that you stay within your budget.

The Building Surveyor

The building surveyor is an engineering professional who is more involved with the day-to-day construction site issues during a construction project. For instance, he or she will ensure that the building is constructed in accordance with the architect's designs. The building surveyor may also make sure that the materials that have been used meet the standards required in the building codes of the area. The building surveyor may also act as the link between different professionals working on the construction project so that work progresses on schedule.

As you can see, you need a quantity surveyor and a building surveyor on your team as you build your new home. Each of these professionals has distinct roles that he or she performs, so it may not be wise to assume that hiring one may negate the need to hire the other.