How Does a Quantity Surveyor Differ from a Building Surveyor?

Some people who are undertaking a building project for the first time may not know whether or not they need a quantity surveyor and a building surveyor on their project team. This uncertainty may be the result of a limited understanding of how those two professionals differ. This article discusses how a quantity surveyor differs from a building surveyor. Use this information to decide when you need the services of each of these professionals during the construction project.

Tips to Dealing with a Debt Collection Agency

Taking out a loan is something most people will have to resort to at one point or another. Although you may have the intent to pay it back, unforeseen circumstances may cause you to default. This could range from a financial emergency or maybe you lost your job and simply are not getting the same income as you did before. No matter the reason, defaulted loans typically end up being pursued by a debt collection agency.